Sungjong is a boy because he says he’s a boy. Femininity or masculinity has nothing to do with gender identity. He is a feminine boy. This does not make him any less of a man, and has nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

Also, his sexual orientation shouldn’t be a big deal. To those people insisting he’s gay: he may be, but it has nothing to do with his looks or his love for girl dances. To those insisting he’s straight: he may be, but you can’t treat heterosexuality like it’s a default and that it would be horrible if he were gay, because that’s offensive. We don’t know about his sexual orientation because he doesn’t talk about it. It’s okay to speculate or think one way or another, but keep an open mind and get educated.

So basically:

Gender identity = what you are (not what others say you are).

Sexual orientation = who you’re romantically or sexually attracted to (not connected to your outward appearance or gender identity).

I’m so sorry for adding this to the Sungjong tag, but there are so many “fans” who are super ignorant and judgmental on this subject.

basically all this. this also goes out to people who are ignorant when it comes to amber ren weavemin etc.

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  2. zizz-asdf-re-r-o-u said: there’s also the thing to add on that the majority of people in korean dont acknowledge the existence of “gay” so those “gay stereotypes” are brushed off as totally normal and not linked to being gay.
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    Some faith in humanity has been restored.
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    also key stans
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